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Frequently asked questions

Japanese / 日本語




主に日本食品です。 お菓子、ドリンク、調味料、お酒など、多岐にわたります。 食品以外にも、バイヤー様の要望があれば日用品のようなものも輸出しています。


貨物量が少ない場合はLCL(小口混載輸送)もあります。 また、航空輸送も対応しています。


各国で法律が異なります。 日本からの輸出および現地での輸入の通関、食品に使用されている原材料、賞味期限、販売方法、等々… まずは『問い合わせ』からご相談ください。


平成9(1997)年5月1日、神戸に設立いたしました。 設立以来、神戸を拠点に世界に輸出をしております。 詳細は『会社案内』をご確認ください。


神戸港以外でも対応可能です。 『問い合わせ』フォームからお気軽にご相談ください。

English / 英語

What is a trading company?

It is a company specializing in export and trade.

Please tell us about your products.

Our main product is Japanese food products. They are drinks, snacks, sake, flavors and many more. At the buyers requests, we also export daily essential items. Our current goal is to expand into otherareas including daily essentials.

Please tell about shipping.

Depending on the container. We export via Hong Kong. There are 3 container sizes, 20 feet, 40 feet and 40 feet HQ. Dry and refrigerated containers are both available. In cases where the order is smaller consolidated shipping options are available. We also offer air transport options.

I'm thinking of exporting products from Japan.

Due to offering laws customs clearance.
Depends on the country conditions such as ingredients, expiry date, sales approach...
Please consult with our sale stuff.

Please tell me about your company history.

Daisho Trading Co., Ltd. was founded on May 1st, 1997 in Kobe, Japan. Since opening, Daisho Trading Co., Ltd. has exported to the world from its base in Kobe. For more information please check "Company profile" on our website.

Can I export from Kobe port?

Yes, export from Kobe port is possible. Please consult our sales stuff with the "Contact" form.

About payment methods.

We require prepaid L/C or T/T payment methods.